Our Story

Nextr was founded by a young entrepreneur and property investor to make it easier for other young property buyers and renters to secure their next property.

Having started her property investment journey at 18, it felt so rewarding to get her own property, but she found the property inspection process so tedious and frustrating. It was discouraging to get up early in the morning on Saturday to rush around inspecting dozens of properties, only to find none were suitable.

It was hard to get a good idea what a property was like based on the information available online, and most properties seemed different in person than they did in the photos. Sometimes inspections were cancelled at the last minute, and she always missed the chance to see some properties because inspections were on at the same time.

It was even more complicated when she decided to buy an investment property interstate. She had to travel interstate over three weekends, spending thousands on flight tickets, accommodation, car rental etc not to mention the time wasted travelling.

On a late night Sunday flight, feeling tired from another unsuccessful day of property hunting and knowing she would have to do it all again next week, the idea for Nextr was born! Nextr now allows anyone to easily inspect properties in Sydney (soon to be Australia wide) online in virtual reality.

You can use Nextr virtual reality property inspections easily from your own computer without special equipment or software, so you can find and quickly narrow down the properties you are interested in, then just visit your favourite in person ready to beat others to secure it. The frustrations of inspecting properties are now a thing of the past!