About Us

Nextr is a Virtual Reality platform that lets property buyers and renters inspect properties online in 360° detail. Nextr inspections are far better than photos for getting a feel for a property  and quickly deciding if it suits your needs. In the traditional property inspection experience, there are many frustrations:

– Travelling around all weekend visiting dozens of properties in person
– Most aren’t what they seemed which is a frustrating waste of time, travel and money.
– Photos alone aren’t enough to understand what a property actually feels like, and if it’s right for you.

At Nextr, our mission is using VR inspections to help you:
– Save time
– Save money
– Secure your next property faster

You can instantly teleport inside a property whenever you like through the power of virtual reality, all from your own home or office! Why wake up early  to drive between dozens of crowded properties when you can see them virtually in your own time and be confident and ready to secure your next property!