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Bring your properties to life with immersive virtual tours to list more & sell faster!

Buyers love virtual tours. Experiencing a property in VR makes buyers more likely to shortlist it for a physical inspection. With only 2.4% of listings having virtual tours, you could be the first agent in your area to provide this advantage to your vendors- helping you win more listings!

VR clicks

Listings with virtual tours get 40% more clicks.

VR phone calls

Properties with vr tours receive 95% more calls.

VR email

Listings with vr tours receive 65% more emails. 

VR Leads

Virtual tours help generate 49% qualified leads.

How do Nextr Virtual Tours work?

virtual reality tour camera

Step 1: Book in a time with a Nextr 3D capture expert.

In the same time as a traditional photographer, they can capture the property in 360 degree high definition ready for conversion to 3D.  

virtual reality tour camera

Step 2: We use cutting edge tech to create your virtual tour.

Our hardworking team can meet fast turnaround times when needed to send you the link to your virtual tour within just one  working day. 

Nextr virtual reality social media

Step 3: Easily advertise & share your virtual tour.

They’re simple to add on listing portals like Domain and Realestate, & share to email & sms databases, social media, newspaper & letterbox drops. 

Nextr virtual reality headset

 Step 4: Experience being in  the property from any device!

 Anyone can view on computer, mobile or tablet, or they can use an inexpensive vr viewer such as google cardboard for immersive virtual reality. 

Why use Nextr Virtual Tours?

virtual tour checklist

We do everything- Spend your time closing deals while we make you look good with cutting edge technology!

Virtual Tour promotion

Promote yourself – Customised tours with your logo & slogan – the high engagement of vr tours make them great for branding!

Virtual Tour devices

Easy to use- Anyone from kids to seniors can access Nextr virtual tours with just an ordinary computer, tablet or mobile!

Save money with virtual tours

Cost effective- Nextr vr tours are priced to make virtual  inspections viable for every property, not just mansions!

virtual tours international

Save time- Your property is always open for inspection so you can prequalify enquiries and concentrate on qualified leads!

virtual tours international

Go international- Your listings can be virtually inspected by international & interstate buyers from anywhere in the world!

What are Nextr virtual tours?

Virtual tours are the next generation of property marketing, allowing property searchers to experience the feeling of being inside your property from the comfort of their own home.

You can try the sample on the right by clicking on it then using the keyboard arrows to look around. Click on the circles to step forward into the next room.  Links to fullscreen versions of virtual tours are below and on the Latest VR Tours Page. 

When viewing from a smartphone, a VR glasses icon appears in the top right hand corner. You can click this to activate vr mode, which allows you to move your smartphone to look around without touching the screen, or if you have a google cardboard viewer turn your mobile sideways to activate split screen mode and experience full immersive virtual reality. 

Experience Nextr Virtual Tours for yourself!